Finding Out What Happened During Certificate Generation

If you expected a certificate to be printed at the goods issue posting, for example, but an output did not occur, you can use functions in the SD module to determine the status of the certificate generation and to call up the output processing log.

1. Select Logistics ® Sales/distribution ® Shipping.

2. Select Delivery ® Change or Display.

3. On the initial screen, enter the delivery number and select Enter.

4. Mark an item and then select Item ® Output.

The system displays the Output screen. Among other items, this screen displays the status of the output processing:

– Status 0 means that the output has not yet been processed.

– Status 1 means that the output was processed successfully.

– Status 2 means that the output was not processed successfully. It is possible that the system did not find all of the data, so that it could not create the certificate.

5. To obtain more information about the output processing activities, you can call up the log from the Output screen. To do so, mark the item and then select Goto ® Processing log.

6. If the certificate was printed and archived successfully, you can call up the archived certificate from the Output screen. To do so, mark the item and then select Edit ® Display originals.

If you expected an output and the list on the Output screen does not contain any entries, you can call up the determination log. To do this, select Goto ® Determin.analysis after carrying out step 4. The system indicates the individual steps it carried out in its attempt to find the recipient record. Determine whether you expected the system to proceed in this way. If necessary, have your system administrator change the Customizing settings or be sure to supplement the recipient records.