Coding Mask

In this step, you specify the coding screen for the preparation of program position IDs by the system. The edit screens determine the structure and symbols that can be used for position IDs.

Using the initial places in the position ID, the system determines which edit screens it should use.

You can use the following symbols for editing:

In addition, you can also use a block indicator. If you set the indicator, then it is not possible to create new program positions with this edit screen.


You have already specified, in the configuration menu under Special symbol that 1 is the number of relevant initial places of the position ID, and that the special symbols / and - are allowed.

You specify the following edit screen for Z as the initial place: /000-XXX-000/XXXX

The position number Z453SKS555ELEK is adapted to Z/453-SKS-555/ELEK.

The position number ZA53SKS555ELEK is rejected, because the second place is not numeric, as required by the edit screen.

The position number Z453SKS is rejected, because it is too short according to the edit screen.


Define individual screens (New entries):

1. Enter a key for the edit screen.
The system compares this key with the leading positions of the entered position ID, when determining an appropriate edit screen.
2. Define the edit screen.
Please note that the first character of an edit screen must be a special character.
3. Enter a name for the edit screen.