Define versions

In this step, you make the settings for versions.

You can create a new version each time you want to show a different planning alternative. For example, you can create one version for optimistic planning, and one version for pessimistic planning. The individual versions are stored separately in the system. You can compare the versions in reports (for instance, a plan-plan comparison or a comparison of actual values with different versions).

In order to maintain this complex data object, you have to make the settings in the following order:

1. Settings at controlling area level
2. Version parameters that are dependent on the fiscal year



If you have not carried out those steps, you can carry out these actions now under the menu option "Extras -> General version definition."

Standard settings

When you create a controlling area, the SAP system automatically creates the version "0", which is valid for 5 fiscal years. The system determines the earliest fiscal year in this version based on the control indicators that you set when creating the controlling area:



1. Change the existing version to meet your needs.
a) Enter a name.
b) Specify that plan data can be managed in the version. Set the appropriate indicator.
The indicator "Manage actual data" is not allowed for versions for planning on investment programs.
2. Maintain the year-dependnent paramaters for the version.

Notes on Transport

For the transport of versions, there is a separate function in the Implementation Guide "Controlling General."