Define budget categories

In this step, you define budget categories for your program types. When budgeting a capital investment program that belongs to the program type, you can then distribute a separate budget per budget category.

At the level of the capital investment measure, you can specify how the budget of the measure is distributed to the different budget categories. You do this with the help of percentage rates.

In the information system, the budget/actual values of the program positions are shown separately by budget category, as are the budgets of the individual measures.


In this way, for example, you can separate capital and expense budgets.

Standard settings

SAP supplies the budget category 1 "Capital" and 2 "Expense" for program type 0001.


Define as many budget categories as desired for each program type. However, note that the standard system only separates posted actual values according to whether they are capital (settled to asset) or pure expense (settled to CO receivers). You can obtain more detailed differentiation of values (for example, according to cost elements) using an enhancement project.