Maintain global variables

In this step, you define the global variables for drill-down reports. Variables allow you to set up forms more flexibly, when the forms consist of line/column structures. They are the parameters that you set first either when defining or executing a report. You set the variables by completing certain fields in a window that appears. You can define global and local variables, depending on how often the variable is used. If the variables are used more frequently, define them as global. You can use global variables in any forms.

If you do not want the variables to apply across the board, then you can define them as local variables in the form.

Standard settings

SAP supplies the fiscal year and the approval year as global variables.


Define your variables.

Further notes

R/3 library: Enterprise Controlling -> General Drill-down

Further notes


Global variables are transported atomatically when they are used in a form and the form is transported. Global variables that are not in a form cannot be transported.