Define forms

In this step, you define the forms for drill-down reports you define yourself. Forms are line/column structures that you can use in any number of report definitions. A form describes the contents (characteristics/key figures) and structure (lines/columns) of a report.

When you create a report, you decide if you want to work with or without a form. You do not need a form for simple reports. However, if you want to define more complex or formatted reports (such as, for the general Infosystem), you need a form for the definition of the report.


If you want to include variables in the form, you have to define them ahead of time ( Define.)

Standard settings

There are standard forms already defined in the system for drill-down reports on capital investment programs. The keys for these forms begin with three numbers.


Create the necessary form for user-defined drill-down reports, or copy a standard form.

Further notes


The definition of forms is limited to the client. There is a special function for transporting forms between clients and between systems. You will find this function in the Implementation Guide for Investment Programs (under Information system).