Define authorizations

As one of the first tasks of an R/3 implementation project, you have to define the authorizations.

An authorization consists of an authorization object (such as program type) and the authorization for working with this object. The following authorization objects are defined for capital investment programs:

You will find a detailed description of these objects in the online documentation of the individual authorization objects.

The authorizations that are contained in the SAP standard profiles include authorization for all manifestations of an object. The authorization is not limited to specific organizational units (such as company code). Per authorization object, SAP delivers authorizations for the following activities:


You must have already specified the workplaces and areas of responsibility for the users of the system.

Standard settings

SAP delivers standard authorizations for the following objects:


1. Check these authorizations before you use them for further processing.
2. Modify the authorizations if
3. Activate your defined authorizations

Further notes


You transport authorizations as follows:

1. Display the list of authorizations.
2. Select the object class.
3. Choose "Authorization - Transport".
4. Select the authorizations you wish to transport.
5. Confirm your selections and enter the correction number.