Generating a Nota Fiscal in Invoice Verification (MM)

Preparation in Purchase Order

Nota Fiscal creation in Invoice Verification is only possible with a reference to a purchase order (direct or indirect reference).

R/3 requires special Brazilian fields when creating a purchase order. The information is either derived from the material master (in case of material items) or must be entered (in case of non-material items).

The required fields include:

It is necessary to set all Brazilian specific fields to mandatory in the Purchase order. You can do this via the R/3 customizing function Purchase order - define screen layout at document level. Please maintain the selection group Brazilian data.

GR Based Invoice Verification

As shown in graphic Nota Fiscal Integrated in Invoice Verification, only one Nota Fiscal is possible for one invoice/goods receipt. Therefore, it is recommended to use the R/3 function Goods receipt based invoice verification.

For more information about Goods receipt based invoice verification , please see R/3 standard documentation.

Nota Fiscal Number

For incoming Notas Fiscais, it is necessary to enter the Nota Fiscal number given by the issuer. There are two ways to enter the Nota Fiscal number:

The following input formats are allowed:





Nota Fiscal number




Series (without subseries)




Series (letter between A and Z)






One-Time Vendors in Invoice Verification

As logistic invoice verification does not support one-time vendors, automatic Nota Fiscal creation for one-time vendors is not supported.