Correction Letter Request in Invoice Verification (MM)


Error details in the correction letter may be entered in invoice verification or by the created FI document.

From the display of the respective FI document, go to Environment ® Correspondence and select the appropriate correspondence type. A standard text displaying possible errors and corresponding error codes may be modified by flagging the relevant errors and specifying the error details.


A list of all correction letters to be printed is displayed via the following menu path:

Accounting ® Financial accounting ® Account ® Correspondence ® Maintain

Individual correction letters can still be changed directly before printing.

Alternatively, there is the option to print all stored correction letters together via

Accounting ® Financial accounting ® Periodic Processing ® Print correspondence ® Acc. to requests.

For more information, please see Correspondence.


Choose the following menu path for all required customizing:

Financial accounting ® Financial accounting global settings ® Correspondence ® ...

You must flag Individual text.

Select program RFKORD50. Create a variant for each correspondence type with no selection restrictions. In the variant, define a different form set for each correspondence type. Enter the text proposal J_1B_CORRECTION.

You can use the sample form name: J_1B_CORRECTION1

Header text: J_1B_CORR_HEADER

Footer text: J_1B_CORR_FOOTER

Signature text: not used

Flag document entry and document display.

If certain errors occur frequently, it is convenient to define a correspondence type only for this specific correction letter type