Generating a Nota Fiscal in Inventory Management (MM)

Nota Fiscal in Goods Movement

Nota Fiscal relevant goods movements automatically generate a Nota Fiscal.

You can use the function Nota Fiscal to enter the Nota Fiscal edit mode.

Item Values

The Nota Fiscal item value is determined by the entry in the field Alternative base amount. If a purchase order exists, the Nota Fiscal value of a line item is defaulted by the purchase order net value.

Nota Fiscal Number

For incoming Notas Fiscais, it is necessary to enter the Nota Fiscal number given by the issuer. Please enter the Nota Fiscal number in the field Material slip.

The following input formats are allowed:




Nota Fiscal number




Series (without subseries)




Series (letter between A and Z)






Reference Nota Fiscal Number for Returns

In case of returns, it is necessary to specify the reference Nota Fiscal number. Please enter the reference Nota Fiscal number in the field Doc.header text.

Possible input formats are described above.