Plant to Plant Transfers with Taxes

A plant to plant transfer is an important example for a Nota Fiscal relevant inventory management business process involving two NF relevant movement types.

For goods issue, create goods transfer with movement type 833. Enter tax code A0, A1, A3 or B0 at item level.

For goods receipt, use the menu option Materials Management ® Material document ® Place in storage. Movement type 835 is automatically used. Enter the Nota Fiscal number as delivery note and the corresponding tax code I0, I1, I3 or C0 at item level The net item value, which should be printed on the Nota Fiscal, of the sending plant is defaulted.

Both a vendor master and a customer master must be defined and assigned to the plants that use above movements.

For the vendor master assignment, please proceed via Change Vendor : Purchasing data ® Extras ® Additional purchasing data .

For the customer master assignment, please proceed via IMG: Materials Management ® Purchasing ® Purchase order processing  Set up stock transport order .

Please enter the account assignments for process GBB and offset TRA via the customizing path Materials Management ® Valuation and account assignmen t ® Account Determination ® Create automatic postings.