Returnable Transport Packaging

Movement Types for Returnable Transport Packaging (RTP)

There are two ways to automatically create a Nota Fiscal in RTP:

  1. Only quantity is posted like in standard RTP handling.
  2. Quantity and inventory is posted in inventory management. A separate material must be created for this form of RTP handling. This material has to be valuated separately from all normal materials.

Please use only one relevant movement type in your productive system.

RTP in Simple Material Movements

Notas Fiscais are created based on the following returnable transport packaging shipments:

Please create goods receipt with the first movement type and enter the Nota Fiscal number of the RTP shipment into the field material slip.

RTP in Invoices

Notas Fiscais are also created based on returnable transport packaging together with other items in the invoice:

In this case, please proceed as follows:

  1. Create a purchase order with item category ' = Normal.
  2. Create a goods receipt for purchase order with an appropriate movement type. Please enter the Nota Fiscal number of the invoice as delivery note. Before posting, create a new item w/o purchase order using a second appropriate movement type.
  3. Create invoice referencing to the delivery note. Please enter the Nota Fiscal number of the invoice as delivery note. The resulting Nota Fiscal contains both the invoice relevant items as well as the RTP items found in the goods receipt.