Nota Fiscal Writer

The Nota Fiscal Writer can be used to enter Notas Fiscais manually. It is possible to enter all relevant Nota Fiscal data. The Nota Fiscal Writer in the SAP menu is found by choosing Logistics à Central functions à Nota Fiscal.

The Nota Fiscal Writer should only be used if the Nota Fiscal can not be generated automatically via the integration in MM or SD. It can also be used to display Notas Fiscais created by MM or SD.

No automatic updates in other R/3 modules are done by the Nota Fiscal Writer. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to post e.g. taxes and material movements in FI/MM separately in addition to every Nota Fiscal created by the Nota Fiscal Writer.

This is also the case for canceled Notas Fiscais: Cancellation of the relevant material document is necessary in an extra step.

A reference from the Nota Fiscal to the respective source document (FI, MD, BI) can be entered manually.


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Creation of Nota Fiscal

Change/Display of Nota Fiscal

Special Functions of the Nota Fiscal Writer

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