Branch - Organizational Unit


To reflect Argentine business processes, it was necessary to introduce a new organizational unit called issuing branch. This unit represents the level at which Argentine official document numbers are assigned.

In Financial Accounting issuing branches are assigned to company codes. In other applications, issuing branches are assigned to corresponding organizational units.


Maintaining Issuing Branches

You can maintain issuing branches by choosing the path Cross-Application Components ® General Application Functions ® Cross-Application Document Numbering ® Argentina ® Define issuing branch.

You can define several issuing branches per company code. Please maintain the branch number and the branch name.

Assignment of Issuing Branches

You maintain the assignment of issuing branches to the following organizational units using the corresponding paths:

Shipping Point

Sales and Distribution ® Shipping ® Deliveries ® Cross-application document numbering ® Assign issuing branch to shipping point

Sales Area

Sales and Distribution ® Billing ® Billing documents ® Country-specific features ® Country-specific features for Argentina ® Assign issuing branch to sales area

Plant/Storage Location

Materials Management ® Inventory Management ® Print Control ® Cross-application document numbering ® Assign issuing branch to plant/storage location

It is for example possible to assign two different branches, one for domestic and one for export operations.