Company Code Master Data

To maintain Argentine fields, choose Financial Accounting ® Financial accounting global settings ® Company code ® Enter global parameters.

Please use the function Additional details to maintain the following fields:

Enter the DGI office to which the company is assigned. This data is used in reporting.

Enter the date on which the company was founded. This date is used when printing official documents (e.g. invoices).

The foundation date must be entered in the format DD.MM.YYYY, otherwise it will appear wrong in printed documents.

Enter the fiscal type for the company. The values delivered by SAP are:

These values are used to number official documents and in tax reporting. The fiscal types can be defined by choosing the Document Numbering and Posting. The Fiscal type is also used in the SD solution to determine the capital letter for billing documents and for the determination of taxes. See also Calculation Procedures (SD).

Enter the company’s gross income number. This is used in gross income tax reporting and for document printing.

Enter the company’s identification number (e.g. the CUIT). This is used in DGI tax reporting and for document printing. The CUIT must be entered without dashes.

Enter the number for the company’s type of identification (e.g. 80 for CUIT). This is used in DGI tax reporting.

You also have to maintain the additional data on the company code required for tax category handling.

The customizing of additional data on the company code level for withholding taxes is described in the documentation on withholding tax.