Tax Categories

In Argentina several different taxes may apply to a customer or vendor document.

Typical cases include:

Internal tax

Calculating the above types of tax is done in the FI by tax codes. See Tax Codes in FI and MM for a list of the sample tax codes delivered by SAP. Tax categories have been created to make it easier to choose tax codes when a document is entered.

These tax categories are not used in any calculation in the FI. The purpose of the tax categories is to help users choose the correct tax code when they are entering documents. In the SD it is possible to use tax categories in the pricing procedure, especially for tax calculation purposes.


Customizing Tax Categories

Tax Category Definition

Assignment between Tax Categories and Condition Types

Maintaining Company Code Data (Accounts Receivable)

Maintaining Company Code Data (Accounts Payable)

Maintaining Customer Data

Maintaining Vendor Data

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