Introduction to Calculation Procedure (SD)

Because of the very specific and complicated Argentine tax requirements the handling of the taxes in the SD is done in a certain way which is not totally the same as the handling of taxes in standard SD, so please do not take the standard documentation about taxes into account. With the new Argentine fields, which were added for the customer master data, it is possible to have dedicated dependencies for each tax without using the standard mechanisms. Taxes are handled like normal condition types (with the full functionality of normal condition types), in their definition only in the field ‘condition class’ must have an entry ‘ D’ for taxes. For the definition of condition tables and access sequences please refer to the corresponding section in the standard SD documentation. For the pricing procedure please have a look at the procedure ‘RVAAAR’ which is delivered with the localization and should act as a template. The maintenance of the condition master data is done via Pricing ® Prices ® Others in the ‘Master Data’-section of the Sales/Distribution menu.


It is necessary to create at least one tax determination rule for the country AR with the standard functionality, even though this is not used in the tax calculations at all. Please refer to the standard SD customizing.