Special Customizing: Discount Documents

There are a few control parameters that have to be maintained before the automatic cash discount document generation can work. You can access the corresponding maintenance view via the IMG path

Financial Accounting ® Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable ® Business transactions ® Outgoing payments ® Outgoing payments global settings ® Configure automatic generation of cash discount documents.

The control parameters are defined per company code, original branch, i.e. the branch of the open item to be paid (which may be different from the branch of the payment document) and original document type, i.e. the document type of the open item to be paid.

You can define:

This branch is used when posting the discount document.

If no document type is defined the system uses the general document type ‘AB’.

Normally, the posting date and the document date of the discount document are equal to the posting and document date of the payment document which it is posted together with. If this indicator is set, however, the discount document is posted with the system date as posting and document date.