Customizing a Document Entry

The customs codes are defined in the customizing function Define customs codes.


The posting keys which are payment relevant for Argentine reporting are defined in the customizing function Maintain posting keys for payments.

The general ledger accounts relevant for Gross Income Tax are defined in the customizing function Maintain general ledger accounts for Gross Income Tax.


There are two fields in the document header of an FI document which are used in Argentina:


A user can enter data or display the content of these fields if one of the following conditions is satisfied:


For all other users the fields are set to invisible.

Customs data can be entered by using the correspondence functions. Please use correspondence type ‘J1A01’.

In the field status definition for business transactions you can define which fields should be open for input for document line item entry, depending on the General Ledger account. The field group General data contains the following entries which control new fields: