Invoice Verification

In the document header you can enter the following data:

In the document line item (G/L and asset line item) the following data can be entered:

Custom invoices have to be posted in FI.

Logistics Invoice Verification Entry Profile

The logistic invoice verification contains four to five alternative screens where the item list appears. The Argentine fields, which do not appear on line level, are integrated in only one of these screen (screen with table control).

To avoid browsing through pages to get to the Argentine fields, an entry profile can be maintained to fix a certain screen as default.

To maintain the entry profile, choose Materials Management ® Invoice Verification ® Incoming Invoice ® Maintain entry profile for logistics invoice verification.

You have to copy the delivered standard profile and change the entry in the field 1st item list screen’ to 0203.

Only after doing this, you can assign this entry profile to the user instead of the standard one.