Printing Credit/Debit Memos


The report generates certificates with the company, vendor/customer and reference documents data and the amounts in document currency. The reference document lines are printed as follows:

A total in local and document currency is printed at the end of the certificate. The total amount can be printed only as gross amount or can be listed separately (base, taxes per type and gross). The layout of the total amount is defined in the customizing table ‘Define printing letters for documents’.

The layout of the form is defined as SAPscript named J_1A_F007_CD_MEM.

Menu Path

Accounting ® Financial Accounting ® Accounts receivable ® Periodic processing ® Closing ® Document ® Report Selection ® Reporting ® Credit/Debit Memo

Customizing Tables

Printing letters for documents: Define the letters and specify if it should discriminate VAT or not for the printing of the certificates.

Selection Screen (Standard selection screen of logical database BRF)


The generated SAPscripts contain the following data:



C.U.I.T. and GI no.

VAT type

Foundation date



C.U.I.T. and GI no.

VAT type

Account no.

SAP document no.

Posting date


Official document no.

SAP document no. and line

Fiscal year

Gross amount


Gross or

Base, taxes per type and gross