Include Credit/Debit Memos in Market Price Determination

Whenever a credit or debit memo is posted it affects the market price of the concerning materials. To cover these effects during market price determination the user has to observe some rules.

For all credit/debit notes the user has to enter the ‘Ref. document‘ (invoice reference) on the screen during logistics invoice verification. This is necessary to make the link between the credit/debit note and the original invoice.

Additionally subsequent credit/debit memos, which are only changing the value of the order and not the quantity, have to be entered with a subsequent debit/credit indicator on the initial screen. Otherwise the system cannot decide between a "normal" credit/debit memo and a subsequent credit/debit memo and may calculate a wrong market price by taking the wrong quantity into account.

It is only possible to enter the invoice reference number during creation of an invoice. If the reference number was not entered during invoice creation the user has to cancel the credit/debit memo and has to enter it again with the reference number.

A change of the invoice reference number will not be taken into account.