Maintain versions

In this step you define the CO versions you want to use for your operating concern. These versions are valid for all of CO and for all operating concerns.

In Profitability Analysis, you can only use versions for plan data . Consequently, the fields "Actual" and "Exclusive use" are not relevant for CO-PA.

Each version has attributes which are only valid for one operating concern.

The attributes determine the following:

This switch lets you lock a plan version so that no more changes can be made to it.
If both the operating concern currency and the company code currency are active in your operating concern, you need to specify the currency type for each version.
In planning, the system always tries to derive values for the characteristics which you do not specify. Since these derivation rules are time-dependent, you can specify which date the system should use when it performs derivation.
You can enter a plan structure here to ensure that plan data for different profitability segments corresponds to a pre-defined plan structure.

For the transfer of plan data to SOP, you can determine:

An interface in planning lets you transfer planned sales quantities to Sales and Operations Planning. You can specify for each plan version which characteristic group, if any, should be provided to the user as an entry aid.
(See the example in the online documentation (F1).)

If you plan in weeks, you also need to specify:

This rule determines how the weekly values are distributed to periods when a week cannot be assigned to one period.
(See the example in the online documentation (F1).)


Define your CO versions and select the field "Plan". Then maintain the parameters for Profitability Analysis.