Define planner profiles

In this step you define planner profiles, which provide default values for planning.
Planner profiles are used throughout CO as well as in Profitability Analysis. Consequently, you can define separate parameters for CO planning and for planning in Profitability Analysis.
For CO planning, you can specify which planning layout should be used for each planning area.
In Profitability Analysis, the "planning area" is determined by the operating concern and the type of Profitability Analysis (costing-based or account-based). There are no different planning areas like in Cost Center Accounting.

This section only deals with the settings for Profitability Analysis. You can read about the settings for CO in general in CO Planner profiles.

Planner profiles have a hierarchical structure:

- Planner profile overview

- General CO settings
- General CO layouts
- Parameter settings for layout

- Settings for Profitability Analysis
- Profitability Analysis layouts
- Parameter settings for layout

You access these steps using the scrolling functions in the navigation box.

Thus for each planning layout, you can make the settings for CO and for Profitability Analysis separately.

You can assign each planner profile an authorization group.
By assigning authorization groups and specifying fixed parameters (i.e. those which cannot be overwritten), you can provide your users detailed authorizations for creating plan data.
Here you can define default settings for the current operating concern. Note that the type of Profitability Analysis also plays a role here. ( Set operating concern)
For Profitability Analysis, you can store two default distribution keys for each planner profile. The system automatically proposes the distribution key "2" (Distribution as before) here. In addition, you can also select the fields "Autom. valuation" or "Suppress zeros".
The field "Items" indicates whether or not a planning layout has already been assigned to the profile.
You can assign one planning layout to a planner profile. To do so, select the existing line and then scroll down in the navigation box and choose the option "Profitability Analysis layouts".
If no layout has been assigned to the profile yet, you can enter a new one. The system automatically issues an item number. If you would like to change the existing layout, delete the entry and create a new one.
The indicator "Parameters preset" indicates whether characteristic values have been pre-specifined for the layout.
If you deactivate the indicator "Overwrite", the users who work with that profile must use the parameters you specify in the profile. They cannot overwrite the proposals with other values.
If the indicator is checked off, the parameters you specify function as defaults, which can be overwritten at any time.
You can specify characteristic values to be used with the layout.
The system lets you specify values for all the variables defined in the planning layout. You can specify these parameters separately for each profile item for the planning layout.


The operating concern must be complete and active before you can create planner profiles for Profitability Analysis ( Maintain operating concern). In addition, planning layouts must already be defined ( Create planning layouts).


Process the planner profiles in the following order:

1. Planner profile overview
a) Create a new profile using the function "New entries", or copy an existing one using "Copy as".
b) Enter an explanatory text for the new profile and, if desired, assign an authorization group.
2. Settings for Profitability Analysis
Enter the default distribution keys for the operating concern. Select the entry and choose "Profitability Analysis layouts" in the navigation box.
3. Profitability Analysis layouts
Assign a planning layout to the profile. Deactivate the indicator "Overwrite" if you do not want the users to be able to overwrite your settings.
4. Parameters for the layout
Enter values for the variables defined in the planning layout.