Define LIS interface

In this step, you define the interface for transferring data between info structures in LIS and operating concerns in Profitability Analysis (CO-PA).

This interface lets you transfer the following data:

Under assignment groups, you enter the desired operating concern and the corresponding info structure, plus the assignments of characteristics and value fields.

In the characteristic assignment, you assign the characteristics in the info structure to characteristics in the operating concern.

In the key figure assignment, you assign the key figures in the info structure to the value fields and quantity fields in the operating concern. Here you can only assign quantity fields to quantity fields and value fields to value fields.

Further notes

When you transfer plan data with SOP info structure, you do not need to make the characteristic assignment because this is already defined in structure S076.

The assignment is defined as follows:
WWxxx -> PMNUX

The field WWxxx stands for a user-defined characteristic that corresponds to the product group in SOP. When you transfer data from SOP to CO-PA, the system determines whether the characteristic value in the field PMNUX is a product or a product group. If it is a product group, the system uses the corresponding field in CO-PA based on the master data for that product group.

For info structures that are copied from S076, you can only transfer data at the product group/plant level. The system summarized the data over any other characteristics.