Maintain ratios and ratio schemes

In this step you define ratios for use in planning. A ratio is the quotient between two value fields, such as price = sales/quantity or commission rate = commission/sales. Ratios cannot be defined with a quantity field for a numerator and a value field for a denominator ("quantity field / value field").

Ratios let you

In planning, you can change quantities, values or ratios directly in the planning layout. If you change one of these, special rules determine which of the other two is recalculated. Calculation rules that you define when you define a ratio determine how the system calculates.

Ratio scheme

You can valuate a sales quantity plan directly using either another plan version or actual data as a reference. A so-called "ratio scheme" determines which ratios are calculated in which order.

You must assign at least one access-level characteristic to each ratio in a ratio group.

Access-level characteristics

Access-level characteristics determine, for each ratio, which combination of characteristics the system should use to access the valuation. This means, for example, that you can calculate the average price for a product group.