Define forecast profiles

In this step you define forecast profiles .

Forecasting represents one way of creating a sales plan in CO-PA planning.

A forecast profile consists of a forecast strategy and a group of parameters (calculation factors) which let you project existing values into the future. Since you can use the same forecast profile over and over again, you do not have to perform the tedious task of entering the same data again each time you plan.

To define a forecast profiles, you need to enter a number of factors, depending on the pre-defined forecast strategy.

Standard settings

Release 3.0 contains one standard forecast profile. You can create additional forecast profiles as needed.


1. Enter a name and a description for your forecast profile.
2. Enter the forecast strategy for this profile or choose one using F4.
3. Press ENTER if you want to know what forecast parameters make sense to use with the forecast strategy. The fields which are not useful will be deactivated so that you cannot make an entry. Enter the parameters you need.
4. Save your entries.

Additional information

For more detailed information on the different forecasting methods, see the online manual "PP Sales and Operations Planning" in the section "Planning Table: the Forecast".