Define plan structure

In this step, you can define a

plan structure for use in manual planning and automatic planning.


When you create a plan structure, note the following:


Before you can create a plan structure, you should take a look at your organizational structure and take this into account when defining the plan structure.


1. Create your plan structures, taking the above points into consideration.
2. Choose "Goto -> Attributes" and enter those characteristics that you do not want to use as parts of the structure but which are derived from characteristics in the plan structure.
3. Once you have defined your plan structure, choose "Basic Settings -> Maintain versions -> Settings in the operating concern" in Customizing to assign it to a plan version.


The function Insert at same level lets you insert an additional value of the current characteristic.

1. Insert level lets you insert a new level in the structure (a new node with a characteristic that has not yet been used in the current path). The system inserts the new node directly below the selected node.
2. The function Move lets you move a node or an entire branch of the structure to another place within the structure. To do this, select the desired node (or the top node of the desired branch) that you want to move. Then position the cursor on the place where you want to insert the node or branch. A dialog box lets you decide if you want to insert this node at the same level as the target node or at the next level below it. hierarchy. If you choose a different characteristic, it inserts the node at the next level.
You can change the characteristic value of the selected node. By modifying the root, you can change the text of the plan structure.

The function Copy lets you create a new node with the same content (characteristic and characteristic value) as the selected node. The procedure for doing this is like that for "Move".

The function Undo lets you take back the last change you made to the structure.