Define number ranges for actual postings

In this step you define a number range to be used for actual line items.
You can specify whether the numbers in the range should be assigned internally or externally. If you choose "internal", the R/3 System assigns numbers automatically.

Number ranges are valid for a specific concern. You can assign one or more record types to each number range.



1. Decide which record types you want to use in this operating concern.
2. If necessary, define new number range groups to meet your requirements (function "Maintain group", then function "Insert group").
3. Enter document number ranges in the number range groups. When doing so, do not forget to take existing document number ranges into account.
Note that automatic (internal) number assignment is mandatory for data which is transferred to CO-PA from other R/3 application components (such as direct postings from FI, cost assessment from CO-CCA, or order/project settlement from CO-OPA and PS).
4. Assign the record types to the number range groups.


You transport number range objects as follows:

In the initial screen, choose "Interval - Transport".

Note that all intervals for the selected number range object are deleted in the target system first. After the import, only the intervals you export are present. The number statuses are imported with their values at the time of export.

Dependent tables are not transported or converted.