Assign value fields

All revenues, sales deductions and other values (such as stock values) are defined as conditions in SD. In this step, you assign these conditions to the corresponding CO-PA value fields.

Conditions from SD are always transferred to CO-PA with "+" signs, with the exception of credit memos and returns. The reasons for this is that the signs for revenues are handled differently in the different applications of the R/3 System. For example, revenues are positive in SD, while they are negative in FI. Consequently, CO-PA accepts all the values as positive, and then subtracts deductions and costs from revenues in the information system.

If you need to transfer conditions from SD with the signs they have there (perhaps because certain conditions can be either positive or negative, such as a transfer price surcharge), set the flag "Transfer with signs" when you assign the condition to a value field in CO-PA.



The system only transfers certain value fields which are defined in SD as conditions to CO-PA. These are:

1. revenues and sales deductions for which the G/L account in CO was created with the cost element type 11 (revenue element) or 12 (sales deduction). Examples: revenues, discounts.
2. conditions which are indicated as statistical in SD. Example: stock values


Assign value fields to the conditions you want to transfer to Profitability Analysis, and set the flag "Transfer with +/- signs" if desired.

Further notes

Note that here you are maintaining the same table that you maintain in the step Transfer of customer agreements. Thus if you delete an entry, that entry is deleted in both steps.