Maintain PA transfer structure

In this step you define structures for settling orders and projects.


Costs are posted to orders and projects in certain cost elements. These cost elements are assigned to so-called "value field assignments" in the PA transfer structure.

These value field assignments, in turn, are assigned to value fields from Profitability Analysis.

Rev./cost element --> Group	-->  Value fld assgnmt   --> Value fld
477000 - 477999   --> BAB-ADVERT -->  10 Marketing costs  --> WERBE
474000 - 474999   --> BAB-TRAVEL -->  20 Travel expenses  --> VTRGK
490000			--> BAB-SALES  -->  25 Misc.sales costs --> VTRGK
472000 - 472999   --> BAB-SHPPG  -->  30 Shipping costs   --> VERSD
800000 - 809999   --> BAB-REV	--> 100 Revenues		 --> ERLOS

Seen from left to right, the assignment can be n:1. A cost element group can only be assigned to one value fieldassignment and consequently can only appear once in a PA transfer structure. However, several assignments can be grouped together in one value field (for example, travel expenses and miscellaneous sales costs).



1. Select the function "New entries" and enter an abbreviation and a name for your PA transfer structure.
2. Divide your cost elements according to how you want to group them in Profitability Analysis, and create value field assignments accordingly.
3. Assign the desired cost elements or cost element groups to these value field assignments.
4. Assign these value field assignments to value fields. Note that you also can assign fixed and variable shares to different value fields.