Set up transfer of automatic postings

Automatic postings, such as those created in Materials Management, can be passed on to Profitability Analysis (CO-PA) by means of an automatic assignment to a profitability segment.

In Profitability Analysis, the documents are updated to the profitability segments generated according to the characteristic values found in the corresponding Financial Accounting (FI) document. If the characteristic value information in the FI document is not very detailed, the posted values are transferred to Profitability Analysis at an aggregated level.

Note that automatic assignments to a profitability segment should only be used under special circumstances for certain accounts and business transactions only.

Typical business transactions for which it makes sense to have a profitability segment found automatically include


1. Enter the accounts for automatic postings in the automatic assignment table.
2. Select the "Profitability segment" indicator to transfer postings to this account to CO-PA.


1. The automatic determination of a profitability segment is only required in individual cases, if you want to represent special business transactions in Profitability Analysis.
2. The account for automatic postings must be assigned in the PA transfer structure "FI".
3. The desired form of Profitability Analysis must be for the relevant controlling areas.

Further notes

Generally, a profitability segment is found and updated in Profitability Analysis automatically when the corresponding sender document is created (such as when you enter FI documents with direct assignment to Profitability Analysis, or when you create sales orders or billing documents). Therefore, it is not desirable to have the system find a profitability segment for all the accounts relevant to profits by assigning accounts in this Customizing step.