Define line item layout

Line item layouts are used to display or print a list of line item records in costing-based Profitability Analysis. You can also execute this function within a profitability report by calling the report-report interface, or by calling up the function in the application menu.

In the line item layout you can place the characteristics and value fields of the operating concern in the columns as you wish. The entire layout, including margins, can be up to 254 characters wide. When displaying the line item list using the layout defined, you can sort the values displayed in any of the columns in ascending or descending order. You can also switch to other line item layouts.

The definition of the layout and columns is flexible. You can define short texts of your own for the columns, add or delete elements as you require.

A reorganisation program is also available for line item layouts which are no longer required..

Further notes

To enter additional selection criteria for the characteristic fields, press the push button "Additional selections" when displaying actual and plan line item records.

When displaying actual line items, foreign currency values are translated into the original data entry currency.