Post sales orders subsequently

In this step you can post sales orders that have already been defined in the system to Profitability Analysis (CO-PA).

This function is especially useful if you activate CO-PA after you have already posted data productively in Sales and Distribution (SD) and want to transfer this data for the current period or past periods.

Before you can use this function to post sales orders to CO-PA, you must determine a profitability segment to which the data for these orders should be posted. If you have sales orders that have not already been assigned a profitability segment, you need to prepare this step using the function "Prepare subsequent transfer of sales orders". Documents without profitability segments are not processed by this function.

On the selection screen, you can specify the sales orders you would like to transfer. The system only selects those sales orders that have been assigned to a profitability segment.

If errors occur during the transfer, the system saves the relevant error messages in the log. Once you have corrected the errors, you can execute this function again to post the rest of the sales orders.

You can execute this function in the test mode in order to correct any sales orders that contain errors. In this case, no changes are made to the database.

The default system does not lock any sales documents being transferred from any changes being made during the transfer. You can deactivate this function on the selection screen to prevent changes from being made to the selected documents. However, the result of this may be that you do not obtain the most current data in Profitability Analysis. This also has the effect that no sales orders can be processed in SD while this program is running.

This function also checks whether any of the selected sales orders have already been posted to CO-PA. If you deactivate this option, and if the system finds orders that have already been transferred, these orders are canceled and then reposted again to CO-PA.


To post sales orders subsequently to Profitability Analysis, you need to carry out two steps:

1. First, you need to prepare the transfer by determining the profitability segments to which the sales orders should be assigned.
2. Then you need to carry out the transfer (select the sales orders and post the data to Profitability Analysis).