Prepare subsequent posting of sales orders

In this step, you can prepare to post existing sales orders subsequently to Profitability Analysis (CO-PA).

This function is especially useful if you implement CO-PA after you have already posted data productively in Sales and Distribution (SD). This lets you post data from the current or past periods.

Before you can post sales orders subsequently, the system needs to determine profitability segments to which the order items should be assigned, if this assignment does not already exist. In this step, you make that assignment so that you can then post the sales orders.

On the selection screen, enter the criteria for the sales orders you want to post subsequently. The system selects those sales orders that meet the selection criteria and have not yet been assigned to a profitability segment.

If errors occur, the system stores the corresponding messages in the log. After correcting the errors, you can start this function again to assign the sales orders that contained the errors.

You can execute this program in the test mode so that no changes are made to the database. This makes it possible to check for any possible errors and correct these in advance.


You post sales orders subsequently to CO-PA in two separate steps:

1. First, you need to prepare subsequent posting by determine profitability segments to which the sales orders should be assigned.
2. Then you can carry out subsequent posting (select the sales orders that have been assigned and transfer their data to CO-PA).