Run initial supply for distributed Profitability Analysis

This function lets you transfer data from a local system to the central system according to certain selection criteria. You should use this function when you want to post data to the central system which already has been posted in the local system.

If you select the checkbox "Check partner system", the system checks whether any line items which you want to send to the partner system already exist there. If any are already there, those line items are not sent.

When you run the initial supply, you can display or print a log by checking off the field "Detail list".

By checking off "Test run" you can execute the function without making any changes to the database.


If you posted billing data in the first few posting periods before you used Profitability Analysis as a distributed system, you can use this function to distribute that data now.

You need to enter the operating concern, the partner system, the plan/actual indicator, record type F (for billing data) and the period(s)/year.


The initial supply only affects costing-based Profitability Analysis.

This step is only necessary if distributed Profitability Analysis and simultaneous distribution (1) are active.


Run your initial supply.