Maintain authorizations

This section tells you which objects for individual functions in the application are contained in the standard R/3 System. You can maintain authorizations for these objects.

Authorization objects

The following list tells you which authorization objects are checked for the functions in Profitability Analysis.

Functions for:.. Authorization object
Basic data:
Operating concern: K_KEA_ERG Set operating concern
Maintaining operating concerns:
K_KEA_TC Maintain operating concern
Client-independent tables:
S_TABU_CLI Maintain client-independent tables
Maintaining transport requests:
S_TRANSPRT Maintain transport requests
Derivation structures:
K_KES_TC Derivation structures
Derivation rules: K_KER_TC Derivation rules
Actual data:
Data transfer: K_KEDT_TC Transfer data to CO-PA
Actual data: K_KEI_TC Actual data
Conditions: K_KEKD_TC Conditions
Conditions: V_KONG_VWE Generate conditions
Cost center cost assessment:
K_KED_UM Cost center cost assessment
Cost center cost assessment:
K_VRGNG Cost center cost assessment
Information system:
Authorization objects:
K_KEB_BER Authorization objects
Forms: K_KEB_RC Forms
Report names: K_KEB_REP Report names
Profitability reports:
K_KEB_TC Profitability reports
Profitability planning:
Authorization objects:
K_KEPL_BER Authorization objects
Planning layouts: K_KEPL_RC Planning layouts
Profitability planning:
K_KEPL_TC Profitability planning
Complete planning: K_KEPL_GP Complete planning
Plan versions: K_KEPL_VER Plan versions
Cost center assessment:
K_KED_UM Cost center assessment
General objects:
ABAP/4 programs: S_PROGRAM ABAP/4 programs
CO: Cost element master data:
K_CSKB Maintain revenue/cost elements
CO: Transactions: K_VRGNG Transactions
Number ranges: S_NUMBER Maintain number ranges
Table maintenance:
S_TABU_DIS Table maintenance (SM31)
Structures/key figures:
K_KC_DSK Structures/key figures
Function codes: K_KC_FC Use of function codes
CO: Summarization levels:
K_KA_TREC Summarization levels
Distribution: K_KEA_ALE Distribution in CO-PA
Realignments: K_KEA_NET Realignments

Notes on transporting

You transport authorizations as follows:

1. Display the list of authorizations.
2. Select the object class.
3. Choose "Authorization - Transport".
4. Select the authorizations you wish to transport.
5. Confirm your selections and enter the correction number.