Maintain profiles

In this step you determine whether the standard authorization profiles fit your requirements and, if necessary, create your own profiles.

A profile contains authorization objects for a specific range of functions.

A composite profile contains several individual profiles.

Using profiles and composite profiles, you can easily organize and manage authorizations.

By entering a profile/composite profile into a user's master record, you give that user all the authorizations contained in that profile.


Standard settings

The standard R/3 System contains profiles for some typical groups of functions.

The CO-PA component contains one pre-defined profile:

All authorizations for Profitability Analysis


1. Check whether the standard profiles fit your requirements.
2. Check whether the profiles are complete (that is, whether all the users can carry out all the actions they need).
3. If necessary, create new profiles.

Notes on transporting

You transport profiles as follows:

1. Display the profiles list.
2. Choose "Profile - Transport".
3. Select the profiles you wish to transport.
4. Confirm your selections and enter the correction number.