Translate texts

This function lets you translate the texts in an operating concern. All the objects you need to be able to run an operating concern in a particular language are displayed in a list for translation.

The list does not necessarily contain all the texts which have not been translated. This function is conceived merely as an aid to let you run your operating concern in another language.


You can translate texts from original language English (= E) into target language Spanish (= S).

On the initial screen, enter the operating concern you want to translate, the original language (in which the operating concern is already working) and the target language (into which you want to translate). Then execute the function.

The system displays a table of all the objects which are required in order for you to be able to use the operating concern. The objects which still need to be translated are highlighted and placed at the beginning of the table.

The table consists of several columns:

Check off the lines you want to translate. You can also check off translated texts to correct the existing translation. Then choose the function "Translate".

The selected object are then displayed in sequence on separate screens which contain the text in the source language and a field in which you can enter your translation. You need to save each object individually.

All the objects in the list must be translated into the target language before you can use the operating concern in that language.


You must have a generated operating concern in at least one language.


Translate the texts in your operating concern.

Notes on transporting

You can transport the translated texts using the transport tools. The system places all the objects you select and their texts in the logon language in the transport request.

To transport the texts in all languages, you need to log on in each language and place the objects in the same transport request. The system will ignore the objects which are already in the request and simply add the texts in the logon language.

Then the transport request will contain all the objects as well as their texts in all languages.