Printing with Microsoft Word for Windows

In the info system, you can print individual reports using Microsoft Word for Windows 6.0.

This section explains possible ways to set this up and important information about the installation.

This method of printing is only available on a presentation server under Windows or Windows NT as Microsoft Word for Windows 6.0 runs on these presentation servers.

The logical file name 'DRILLDOWN_PRINT' gives a suggested directory, in which the files for printing with Word are stored.

Microsoft Word for Windows 6.0 must have been installed on the presentation server in language version English, French or German. It is possible to extend the function 'GetLanguageDependency' for other language versions in the WinWord style sheet SAP_REP.DOT in the macro 'Library'.

To install style SAP_REP.DOT, perform the following steps:

1. Copy file SAP_REP.DOT into the directory specified in file WINWORD6.INI under parameters:

(style directory)

1. Call up MS-Winword
a) Choose 'Tools -> Macro' 'Organize ...'
b) On one side of the dialog box, open style 'SAP_REP' and on the other open style 'NORMAL'.
c) Copy macro 'BatchStart' from style 'SAP_REP'
d) Close the dialog box
e) Choose 'Tools -> Macro'
f) Choose macro 'DefinePaperformat'
g) Execute the macro
h) Exit WinWord and save the changes in style 'Normal' Vorlage 'Normal'.
2. Change style SAP_REP.DOT to meet your requirements. Note that you should keep a copy of the original file SAP_REP.DOT.

After you have carried out these steps, Microsoft Word for Windows 6.0 is set up to enable you to print reports.

Note If a drill down report is to be printed in Word, without an action in Word being necessary (Mode not interactive on the pop-up 'Enter print control parameter'), the entered directory using the logical file name must agree with the 'Batchstart' entered in the macro in Word. The directory 'D:\SAP_REP' is given in the delivered reference SAP_REP.DOT.