Information System

Here you make the basic settings for creating and executing profitability reports. This includes the following steps:

Notes on transporting

You can transport the settings you made to your productive system using the CO-PA transport tool.

Note that the generated ABAP Repository objects are valid for all clients. Conflicting name in the target system can also lead to problems in other applications. Therefore you should make all Customizing settings in one (source) system. You can then transport these settings to your other (target) systems. This technique helps you avoid inconsistencies.

If you cannot use this technique for some reason, be sure to observe the following:

1. Characteristics and value fields with the same name must have the same text, the same attributes (type, length), the same check table and the same origin table in each system.
2. For characteristics which were defined manually, enter the number for the check table manually as well. Each characteristic must have the same number in all systems. The assignment of the number to the characteristic must be unique.

In order to ensure that Customizing settings are consistent in the target system, the transport tool always transports larger objects, such as reports, key figure schemes, or the operating concern itself. Consequently, some activities are not automatically recorded in transport requests, since that would lead to inconsistencies.

The settings you process in this section are transported together with the operating concern.

On the selection screen of the transport tool, select the object operating concern , and then choose the desired dependent object types.

You can transport the following dependent objects:

The following settings are transported as well:

The system creates a transport request which contains the objects you want to transport.