Operating Concern

In this section, you create an

operating concern.

In order to use Profitability Analysis (CO-PA), you have to define operating concerns. An operating concern is an organizational unit in Financials. The structure of an operating concern is determined by analysis criteria (characteristics) and the values to be evaluated (value fields).

In a first step, you have to define the characteristics for your operating concerns. You define characteristics in the Customizing activity Maintain characteristics. For costing-based Profitability Analysis, you also need to define value fields . You do this using the activity Maintain value fields. These characteristics and value fields can be used in several operating concerns. Their definition applies to all clients.

After this, you have to define the structure of your operating concern in the activity Maintain operating concern . You do this by selecting the desired characteristics and adding them to the data structures of your operating concern. If costing-based Profitability Analysis is active, you also need to select and add the required value fields. The structure of an operating concern is valid in all clients.

In the step "Maintain operating concern", you also specify the attributes of your operating concern (fiscal year variant, currencies). By maintaining the attributes, you make an operating concern "known" in the current client. The attributes are client-specific.