Maintain value fields

In this step, you can define your own

value fields . Frequently used value fields, such as "Revenue" and "Sales quantity", are already predefined in the standard system.

You define this values independent of any operating concern and any client.

Before you create a new value field, look at the ones that already exist. Then you can check whether one of fields you have already define or one defined in the standard system fulfills your requirements.

Once you are in the "change" mode, you can define a new value field by choosing the "Create" icon:

Enter a 4- or 5-character name that begins with "VV" for your value field. Here you also need to specify whether this field is a quantity field or a field for currency amounts. All the currency fields in any single line item use the same currency. Which currency this is, is defined in the attributes of each operating concern. Each quantity field uses one quantity unit. Thus you can use one quantity field to store quantities in different units.

On the next screen, you can enter texts to describe the value field, as well as how the values in this field are to be aggregated over characteristics of time. In most cases, you will use the aggregation rule "SUM (summation) to add up the values over periods.

Further notes

1. You can change the attribute "Currency or quantity field" as long as this value field is not used in any operating concern.
2. You can change the texts for user-defined value fields at any time.
3. You can delete any value field that is not being used in an operating concern.
4. On the initial screen, you can use the repair function "Extras -> Field catalog -> Reorganization to synchronize the CO-PA-spevific field catalog with the ABAP Dictonary. This function is not need under normal circumstances. It merely helps you by removing inconsistencies following modifications or transport errors.


1. Create your value fields and then activate your entries.
2. To add your value fields to operating concerns, call up the function "Operating Concern -> Change data structures" in Customizing.