Characteristic Derivation

In this step, you set up derivation of characteristic values.

Derivation lets you find values for certain characteristics automatically based on the known values of other characteristics, where these characteristics are logically dependent on one another.


1. When you assign postings manually to a profitability segment, it is usually only necessary to enter values for a few characteristics. The system can then derive other characteristic values that are required in Profitability Analysis.
2. External applications can often only supply values for some of the characteristics in Profitability Analysis, since not all of them contain information that is relevant there. Derivation supplies the unspecified characteristic values on the basis of known ones.


Source field	 Target field / Source field  Target field
Product		 -> Product range	->  Division
Customer		-> Customer group
Representative  -> Represent. group   ->  Sales region

Derivation strategy and derivation steps

The derivation strategy consists of a series of derivation steps, in which individual characteristic values are derived from the values of other characteristics. Each of these steps represents a derivation method by which target fields are derived from source fields. The source fields are characteristics whose values are known and used to derive the target fields, which are the characteristics whose values are derived. Each step represents a logical relationship between the target and source fields.

Derivation methods

You can use any of the following derivation methods: