Activate Profitability Analysis

In this step you activate the interfaces to Profitability Analysis for the controlling areas assigned to your concern.

The "Active" indicator has the following values:

_ Profitability Analysis is not active
2 only costing-based Profitability Analysis is active
3 only account-based Profitability Analysis is active
4 costing-based and account-based Profitability Analysis are active

Using a second switch, you can also activate the automatic transfer of incoming sales orders from Sales and Distribution (SD) You need to set the active indicator for each assigned area, so that the data is updated in Profitability Analysis. Activate transfer or sales orders.
Note that in the steps "Activate operating concern" and "Activate transfer of sales orders", you are actually maintaining the same table. This means that if you delete an entry in one of these steps, it is also deleted for the other step.

By specifying a fiscal year you can determine the year beginning with which Profitability Analysis is active.

Once Profitability Analysis is active, you can transfer the following actual postings to profitability segments:

1. billing data from SD
2. direct postings from Financial Accounting
3. settlement of orders and projects
4. cost center costs transferred from Cost Center Accounting
5. internal cost allocations from Controlling
6. invoice receipt postings from Materials Management

In addition, you can make the following plan postings:

1. transfer of plan costs from Cost Center Accounting


You must have assigned a

controlling area to the operating concern .


Activate Profitability Analysis.