Conditions and Costing Sheets

The conditions technique in Profitability Analysis (CO-PA) lets you calculate fictitious values that are needed in CO-PA for analyzing contribution margins but are not known at the time the original document is posted. In particular, this makes it possible to calculate sales commissions, cash discounts , other discounts, or freight costs for a sales document.

Conditions are used to calculate values based on any number of criteria (such as the quantity sold, the product sold, or the customer who bought the product).

In this step, you can defined CO-PA-specific costing sheets for valuating data in CO-PA. You do this using the same basic functions as those for defining pricing procedures in Sales and Distribution (SD).

This entails the following steps:

a) Create the necessary condition tables.
b) Create the necessary access sequences.
c) Create the necessary condition types and specify the access sequences they should use.
d) Define the necessary costing sheets.
e) Assing your CO-PA-specific condition types to CO-PA value fields.