Define valuation strategy

In this step, you can define your valuation strategies.

First, enter a three-character key and a description for the valuation strategy.

On the detail screen, you can then define which methods you want to use in what order to perform valuation in your operating concern.


You want to define a valuation strategy that performs valuation using product costing, then a CO-PA costing sheet, then a customer-defined valuation routine. To do so, make the following entries:

Costg sheet name 
Prod. cstg 
Qty field 
Exit no.
  10								 X		VVIQT
  20	KE	ACT001						VVIQT
  30													U01 

If you want to use a product cost estimate for valuation, select the field under "Prod. cstg". In this case you also need to specify the quantity field to be used (here "VVIQT").

If you want to use conditions, enter the key (here "ACT001") and the application from which to take the costing sheet (here "KE"). If the conditions are calculated depending on the quantity, enter the name of the quantity field you want to use (here "VVIQT").

If you want to use your own calculation routines to valuate fields, enter the name of the program exit (here "U01"). For programming your own routines, you can use the customer exit in SAP standard enhancement COPA0002, which you maintain by calling up SAP Project Management. For more details, see the documentation found there and in the F1 Help for the field Exit no. ..


Define the valuation strategies you want to use in Profitability Analysis.