Define access sequences

In this step, you define access sequences for your condition types in Profitability Analysis (CO-PA). You must assign an access sequence to each condition type for which you create condition records.

The access sequence determines the condition tables in which the system should search for valid condition records for the condition type. Thus the access sequence is a sort of directory that tells the system where condition records for that condition type are stored.

For each access sequence, you first need to enter a name and a short description. On the detail screen, specify which condition tables are to be used to access condition records, and the order in which these condition tables should be read. On the screen "Access Sequence: Access", specify the field contents (characteristics) with which they are read.


Access sequence Z001 for condition type KPRA

Lnr.   Table	 Name
01	 501		 Table Customer/product
02	 502		 Table Customer group

First the access sequence Z001 looks for condition records which exist for a certain combination of product and customer. If no records are found, the system then looks for a data record for the customer group.


Enter your access sequences and save them. Note that you must save your access sequences before you can assign them to condition types and create condition records for the condition types.