Define pricing reports

In this menu option, you define screen layout for pricing reports. With pricing reports, you can analyze records according to different criteria. From a technical point of view pricing reports are ABAP/4 programs.


The standard SAP R/3 System contains predefined pricing reports which you can start using the application menu.


1. Check to what extent you can use the pricing reports contained in the standard SAP R/3 System.
To do this, you can display the defined pricing reports.
2. Create new pricing reports. To do this, proceed as follows:
a) Enter the title of the pricing report you want to create.
b) All key fields which are used in the area of the conditions appear in alphabetical order on the following data screen. Select all key fields which should be taken into account in the pricing report.
c) Select "Edit" -> "Selec.tables". A dialog box appears in which you can specify the selection of condition tables.
If you select "Yes", only condition tables which contain all selected key fields are analyzed.
If you select "No", all condition tables which contain at least one of the selected key fields are analyzed.
d) Select all condition tables which should be analyzed in the next dialog box.
e) Select "Position fields" to define the screen layout of the pricing report. Make sure that all key fields of the selected tables appear on the following data screen.
Fields which should not be used as selection criteria later on when displaying the list, can be suppressed by cancelling the check mark in the column "Selection".
f) Select "Form" to define the display of scales or validity periods for the pricing report.