Background Processing

In this step you make the required settings to be able to exeute reports in the background. To do this, you must:

Here you specify the input parameters with which the report is executed.
Here you specify the exact date and time when you want the report to be started in the background.

Backgroud processing is mainly used when you have defined reports that require large amounts of data to be processed. The system selects the report data according to the parameters specified in the variant, and saves this data with reference to the report. Then you can analyze the results of the report online.


1. Enter a product drilldown report.
2. Create a variant with "Variant".
3. Enter the values with which the report is to be executed, such as the controlling area and the target cost version.
4. Enter a description for the variant.
5. Define the field attributes of the variant.
6. Use "Schedule job" to schedule your report with the new variant.


The variables cannot be transported. They must be defined in each client in which you want to use the report.

The first time you execute a report from an earlier release, it may be necessary to convert the report. This is done automatically when the report is called up. Any existing frozen data is deleted.

Further Information

For more information on jobs, see the online documentation BC Computing Center Management System.